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Is it still only Wednesday?

Well, I made a kid cry today. I swear, all I did was say her name in Teacher Voice. Some kids are unduly sensitive, and I may have to take it upon myself to change that. But still, I don't make kids cry on purpose.  I know it's still week one (HOW IS IT STILL… Continue reading Is it still only Wednesday?

the story so far


Just last week I woke up and discovered quite to my dismay that I'm an adult. Another discovery came swiftly on the tail of the first: I'm bad at adulting. I barely even noticed the difference when it happened. One day I was in university trying to overcome my natural tendency toward procrastination, and the… Continue reading Adulting

the story so far

Baby at the Bar

About two minutes from my house is a tiny little dive bar called Sweet Fire BBQ, and every Wednesday they have $.25 wings. So for about three, maybe four months, a group of us has been going nearly every week. It's usually my sister and her husband, myself, and one or more of my other… Continue reading Baby at the Bar