mumbling of an imbecile

Ah, Movember!

Today is November 1st. Aka, the start of Movember, the most beautiful month of all the year. Movember is better than Christmas. Why? you ask. Let's see. Movember, or No Shave November, is when all the┬áhandsome men get handsomer. The irresistible whiplash inspiring hunky lumberjack types come out to play. Physically speaking, if I had… Continue reading Ah, Movember!

the story so far


Just last week I woke up and discovered quite to my dismay that I'm an adult. Another discovery came swiftly on the tail of the first: I'm bad at adulting. I barely even noticed the difference when it happened. One day I was in university trying to overcome my natural tendency toward procrastination, and the… Continue reading Adulting

mumbling of an imbecile

Wine, wine, wine

I really like wine. The dryer the better. The more chilled the better. The larger amounts, get the gist. Do you know what wine really helps with? All the whining. True story. I like to wine so I don't whine. I think I end up whining frequently anyway - which is exactly what I… Continue reading Wine, wine, wine