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Baby No More

There are nine of us children in my family. Seven boys, two girls, and a set of twins in that mix. As the second oldest, I was pretty much used to there always being a baby in the family. Or at least a toddler. By the time the toddlers were just "little kids" there was… Continue reading Baby No More

the story so far


I suppose that I should accept the adult things I'm starting to have to do in my life. Adulthood always seemed to far away and distant, and I didn't mind that. And then one day it was suddenly tapping me on the shoulder, and I ran like the wind. ┬áStill am, I think. But in… Continue reading Adult?

memory lane

It is difficult to be sad and useful at the same time.

One of the easiest ruts to get stuck in, and the hardest to get out of, is depression. I don't write about this much, or I try not to, because I like to pretend it doesn't exist. When I was very young, maybe six years old, I had severe anxiety. So for a time I… Continue reading It is difficult to be sad and useful at the same time.

the story so far

Maybe I’m a Grandma

It seems we've come to that time of year again when bundling up and staying warm is pretty much Priority Numero Uno. It's about this same time every year that I remember that I know how to knit and crochet, and then out come the needles and the yarn. I first taught myself to crochet… Continue reading Maybe I’m a Grandma

mumbling of an imbecile


I had the all's-right-with-the-world bubble popped for me at a young age. I can't say exactly if there was one particular moment or event, it was just everything. I can't even remember if I ever had the illusion that life was going to be easy or smooth sailing or full of flowers and unicorns and… Continue reading Disillusioned

the story so far

Bucketlist Check: Geocaching

For about 9+ years now I've had it on my list to try out this Geocaching thing. I heard about it in middle school and thought the concept sounded fun and adventurous and just all around appealing. But I didn't have a gps or even a cell phone, so it was added to the bucket… Continue reading Bucketlist Check: Geocaching