from sometime in 2013. sometimes you love a friend in a way they can’t access, and that just leaves you butting your head against a wall and writing shitty poetry. And I want to crush you with the love I have for you, to show you the force it holds. But I do not want to … More Found


a photo is all that remains of the time we were together a photo is all that remains of days we can’t revisit a photo, a still, a moment cut in half an image, reflection, people you no longer see faces posed to speak words you will never hear laughter ringing out in a time … More photograph


Do you know what’s funny about building walls? You can only build them as far as your arms can reach in any direction. This cages you in, it puts you in a very small box And that box becomes your world. When I encounter a box, it usually means little to me. I step over … More Walls

Stormy Night

This was a piece I wrote a couple of years ago. It was anonymously published in my university newspaper, and I haven’t really done anything with it since. Seeing as it was published anonymously, I didn’t get any feedback on how people thought it was, so I figure if I post it here then maybe … More Stormy Night