the story so far

It’s already October

It is almost half way through October and the only colors that have changed in Florida are the colors of license plates as all the northern snowbirds begin to crawl their way down for the winter. Today was the coolest day we have had in eons, only hitting 77*F around 10am. It is now after noon and the temperature has risen, but as I drove to the grocery store this morning with the windows down and the overcast skies above me, I certainly pretended it was autumn and that I was far away in a place where that’s a season.

I have been living back in Florida just over two years now, and somehow it already feels like forever. Florida was supposed to be a temporary plan, a stepping stone on the way to something greater. Maybe it still is, but it has stopped feeling that way. If I hadn’t moved back I wouldn’t have met my husband and we wouldn’t be married now, and so in some ways each day back is worth it’s weight in gold. In every other respect I cannot wait to leave this heat fried twice baked state and find adventures elsewhere.

We are a quarter of the way through this new school year, and while that makes it sound like it’s going fast, it really isn’t. Work has been “easy” because after 2 years of practice I do feel like an old hat at it all. There is a sense of comfort in that, one which won’t last forever. I haven’t been working towards full certification for Florida, so my temp cert expires in June, and I will once again be seeking full time work. I’m not sure if I “shouldn’t worry about that yet” or if I’m slacking off if I don’t worry about it.

At the end of August my sister moved in with us, and it’s been a lot of fun having her around. I feel like I have a girl friend again that I can talk to all the time, and it’s been a relief in my heart. I always miss my family.

A lot of other changes that seem small have happened in the past couple months, though they are life changing for us in the long run. We traded in my leased car for a used car we were able to buy outright, which has freed up our budget long term. We are also taking a Dave Ramsey course which has helped us understand the world of personal finance a great deal, and we are aggressively attacking my student loan debt like never before. Choosing to live on a tight budget has been and will continue to be a process, but it is also such a relief to have an end of all debt in sight, maybe even within the next year or so. We have started making plans unlike those I ever imagined and that is a great source of excitement in my life. My husband has been accepted to trade school and will be starting his welding certification in January, which we have been looking forward to for a while.

And so, life continues. New possibilities arise and we jump at them with the vigor of a newly married couple. I am grateful for Jefferson’s enthusiasm and energy in life pursuits. Thankfully it can be contagious.

Jefferson just did an incredible thing too. He’s been a commuter cyclist for years and has talked about wanting to do a Century – a day’s ride of 100 miles. He wanted to train for it so he knew he could make it, but he hasn’t been able to do half as much riding lately as he used to. But he and a friend just up and decided to do it yesterday, so they did. They rode 101.6 miles in the Florida heat and they managed it in six hours or less. My mind is blown, and I’m so incredibly proud of him and his determination and athleticism. I’m so glad he is still making his interests and hobbies a main pursuit instead of letting them sideline themselves as they often do for most people when life gets busy. He’s just an incredibly cool dude, and I’m glad to be along for the ride. The life ride, not the 100 mile ride…

So that really is it. Current life in a snapshot. It feels good to write it down, to look back on someday when I can’t recall what four-months-married looked like. I am going to make a goal to write a lot next month, in November, once again attempting NaBloPoMo… We’ll see where it goes. It’s been a long time since daily writing was important to me, but maybe just for a month I can get back to it.

Until then, have some wine for me.


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