yo ho a teacher's life for me

Another Day One

Somehow we’re about to start a new school year. Again. As in, I’m still teaching. How? Who knows. I thought it would be interesting to take a little stroll down memory lane today and look back on the beginning of each school year I’ve taught, since they are all documented here. There are also some other fairly humorous anecdotal posts of a school-related variety that I enjoyed reading back through, so those are here too. Hopefully they’re enjoyable (we already all know I think I’m hilarious!)

Year 1: Second grade in New Hampshire

In which I say “I can’t believe I’m a teacher” for the first time.

Bonus // Puke // Machiavelli // Illness // Amusement // 5 Stages // Poop // Kid Shit // Tadpole // Eyelashes

Year 2: Fourth grade in New Hampshire

In which I say “I think I’m gonna be a better teacher this year” and probably ended up being wrong.

Bonus // Lesson Learned

Year 3: Third grade in Florida – One

In which I say “I think I’m gonna fall in love with teaching if I don’t watch out.” I was wrong.

Bonus // Wednesday // Bionic Eye // Perspective // More Amusement // A Little Plum

Year 4: Third grade in Florida – Two

In which I somehow continue teaching, and simultaneously survive a hurricane. I also got engaged and planned a wedding, which isn’t related to school, but it’s what I did and wrote about instead. Several times.

(Beginning) Year 5: Third grade in Florida – Three

In which everything in my life has changed drastically, except the fact that I am still a teacher… Also I have my principal’s youngest son in my class, so… Wooo….

Clearly I write less and less about teaching as time goes on. I think in some ways I’ve learned to disengage from the classroom a little when I’m not actually at work, which is good. I also have massively expanded the parts of my life that don’t take place at work, and navigating those waters is a continual learning curve, which teaching isn’t so much anymore. If people want teaching stories though, I’m happy to oblige! It sure is more interesting to strangers than my personal life is…

Anyway, here’s to a good school year and a longer retention of sanity than usual!

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