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I’ve reached that part of the summer time when my countdown to the end of my freedom is in full force. Two weeks from yesterday I return to my little third grade classroom and begin yet another school year. So I have less than 14 days to revel in the summer time, and what am I doing instead? Checking my temperature and wrapping up and battling a summertime fever. Of course.

But I’m also refinishing furniture and learning to make cold brew coffee and helping my husband make homemade yogurt, and learning to cook all sorts of other things.

I’m also sleeping in daily (til almost 8, when my new sleep schedule will have me up and at it by 5 or 530 each morning!) and going to bed late. I’m getting to know my new husband in ways we won’t have an opportunity for when I’m back to working full time and commuting 100 miles (161 km) per day.

Sometimes I’m going stir crazy enough to not mind terribly that I will be back to work soon. But I’m never stir crazy because there’s nothing to accomplish… it’s more because I’m procrastinating. And I know that in a week I’ll be rushing to finish weeks’ worth of projects in my last few days before work. I’m also not stir crazy (or any kind of crazy) enough to think that 5am wake-ups and 100 mile drives will be my cup of tea. There’s no good way to swing that.

The one positive element is that we’ll be back to a steady double income. There’s been something discouraging about starting marriage by spending boatloads of money on our wedding and getting our home somewhat livable all while not bringing in a penny of our income. Now I’ll feel like I’m getting to pull my weight financially and I won’t feel as bad about small personal spending. Don’t get me wrong, I was careful during the school year before and ended with comfortable savings to last us the summer, so I was still spending “my” earnings, but now that everything is “ours” it doesn’t really work that way. Now I’m spending our money and he’s earning all our money.

We still have yet to combine our financial accounts, but we fully intend to. That’s one of those things on our to do list that requires us both being available during banking hours, which happens fairly rarely, and will be even more rare in about two weeks. Hopefully we can knock it out this week. He requested the day off work for my birthday later this week so maybe that’ll be our big plan for the day. We’ll see.

I wish I was outside right now instead of writing this. Not that I don’t enjoy being back to writing a little again. But I wish I was feeling up for it. I was feeling really cold last evening which is odd for summer in Florida, and when I got off the couch my head had massive pangs and I realized that was my cue to find the thermometer. Sure enough – fever. In Florida in July. What’re the odds? If I’m getting sick under these conditions I’m sure to have a rough year back in the classrooms full of germs. Ah well.

I’m going to finish my coffee and do a little sorting and discarding (still aiming for that minimalism thing, though I’ve begun jokingly referring to it as minimalishm) and see how I’m feeling, and maybe go walk around the block or something.

Side note: I just realized two days ago and it blew my mind at how life works… but I moved back to Florida two years ago this week… and my WHOLE life has changed from what it could ever have been, so so quickly… and I’m a married woman. Life is so freaking weird guys. 

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