Once Sanded and Thrice Coated

My husband knows stuff about furniture, like what matches what, and which era various items are from, and all sorts of things. I know very little about furniture other than the means of using various pieces, such as couches, tables, chairs, and the like. So shopping for our new homes furniture has been interesting. We are saving here and there by only buying second hand. For a while all we had was my queen sized bed and a 2 person kitchen table set from Jefferson’s grandparents. So that’s where we stayed for about a month as we looked around and didn’t really find things we agreed on.

But last weekend we got a couch! And two antique end tables from the ’30s! And a matching desk! And a carpet! And a storage shelf for the wash room! This place is really coming together. But my favorite part is the little $8 bed side table we picked up at Goodwill. It was a truly hideous turquoise, but guess what Jefferson knows all about aside from furniture itself! He and his mom have refinished a ton of furniture! Sooo… we bought a sander and brushes, and primer, and paint, and wood stain, and varnish!

It took us a week, but the little end stand is done! We sanded the whole thing down and stained the top and the drawer front and shelves, and varnished them. We primed and painted the cabinet cream, and varnished before reassembling the thing. And we got a darling little drawer pull for it! It is my favorite thing in all the world! Take a look at our progress and our finished project!

Suffice it to say we have been really enjoying our new little house projects. We are making a home together and it’s the most exciting thing I can possibly imagine!


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