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How Do I Food?

7 Miles

I’ve been trying to get used to cooking. Today has been the first day since getting back from honeymoon (not counting the days I was out of state) that I haven’t cooked anything at all, and probably won’t. It’s usually just one meal per day of cooking and a snack or sandwich meal per day for lunches, but it’s about eight billion times as much cooking as I was doing previously. I had been on keto for so long that my meal prep was grabbing carrots or deli turkey and some lettuce for lunches, or cooking chicken and veggies for dinner or a week of meal prep in one go. So having something different each night has been …different. Life without a microwave for leftovers is a challenge too. (I asked Jeffo for a couch for my birthday but since we got one this past weekend maybe I’ll switch it…

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