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Making Progress

Last Tuesday we were at 100 days out! I can’t believe it…

Some days it’s easier to feel like things are getting done, and as if reaching the finish line was less of a daydream and more of a possibility. Today it is easier. We have finally knocked just a few things off of our enormous to do list, and although the end is not yet in sight, it sure is closer.

Prior to this week we had a date, a venue, and my dress and not a whole lot else. For talking about our wedding for six months and being officially engaged for a month and a half, not much planning has been under way at all. We had vague notions and colors and times and such floating around our heads without practical outlets or progressing timelines.

But we got a bit done over the weekend, thank God. Now I don’t feel quite as much like I’m going crazy.

We have now found our wedding rings, ordered Jefferson’s burgundy (yes…) suit, I’ve ordered more of my, uh… attire…, and we have fully designed our wedding invitations! I also ordered a special foot I need for my sewing machine, which doesn’t sound related but it will turn alterations on my wedding dress from a horrifying idea into a manageable project. Praaaaise the lord! Things are looking up.

Jefferson also bought new brown leather shoes to match his belt and watchband, so his accessories are coming along. (He also cut all his hair off… if you’ve seen pictures you know how dramatic that is… he went from hair to the bottom of his shoulder blades to a mid length buzz cut with some extra flair on the top… I hardly recognize my fiancĂ© without the golden mane.)

Now my white sandals remain to be bought, and tulle and clips to make my veil, and of course the many alterations to my dress. Jefferson’s cream shirt and grey tie remain unfound as well. Soon our clothing at least will all be purchased and accounted for. Oh I guess he will need socks as well. I’ll put it on the reminder list.

School is out for spring break for a week starting in just two more days, so hopefully we can get some more work done. We are driving out of state for a friend’s wedding this weekend and we plan on stealing ideas and centerpieces.

I’m kidding about the centerpieces…

Our guest list recently exploded (have I already talked about this? I’m getting deja vu) with all my extended family wanting to come. I had basically taken them all off my list because we haven’t talked or seen each other in over ten years and they usually avoid my branch of the family at all cost, so I didn’t think they’d be interested. But when posts and such news of our engagement reached Facebook, they were all aflutter asking for details. So they’re coming and that adds 40 people and hundreds of dollars to our already stretched budget.

But there’s also great news! I will try to be polite, but is that ever possible when talking about money? Long story short I got a state scholarship for being a phenomenal teacher etc and with a couple large bills in the bank, I am breathing juuuust a little easier about the extra guests and the fact that our budget is unrecognizable from its original dimensions. It isn’t like I can go all out now, but I also don’t have to tell my cancerous aunt she isn’t invited, or serve only dessert instead of dinner. Like I said, things are looking up. We might even get to go on a short honeymoon afterwards!

I’m going to go back to grading tests and finishing up 3rd Quarter school work, while I shiftily watch the countdown clock on my phone inch towards 90 days out from being Mrs. Jones.

While you’re here listening to me gush… anyone have any tips for what to put or what not to put on a wedding registry (ours is amazon)? Or better yet, ideas or thoughts on altering your own wedding dress… has anyone ever added a top or sleeves to a sleeveless dress? Orrr… ideas for songs to dance to with my father at my reception? C’mon, I need some help here guys!!

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