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Wedding Planning

*I know, I’ll have to go back and tell some stories, but for now I’ll start where I’m at.

My dear friends, wedding planning is the worst. Girls talk about it like it’s the most gloriously fun and exciting thing they ever did, but I’m here to tell you they’re fibbing their butts off. Wedding planning is wonderful in one way – it’s a required sequential step in the process of starting a new and exciting part of life. But the rest? the details? the actual planning? Pure stress. And believe me, if eloping was an option on the table, I’d be all over it.

But since it isn’t I’ve… we’ve… been wedding planning.

Weddings are expensive even when you’ve decided you want the lowest budget wedding of all time. You certainly can’t have it all and go cheap too. So it’s concession time. What are non negotiable elements of the day, and what’s a budget you can’t or won’t go beyond? Finding middle ground is tough, my friends.

We’re having a Catholic wedding, in our parish church. Five friends or siblings on either side of the bridal party (because with 8 siblings each you can’t really get away with any fewer). We wanted to keep our guest list under 100, which we thought would be a piece of cake, but with massive families on both sides and years worth of good friends… we realized that was impossible. If we are under 130 we will have gotten away with something. After finding a venue that fits our requirements, such as self catering, feeding people is the next most expensive aspect. We are already self catering in hopes that we can feed that number for around $5 per head per entree, since the cheapest caterers you can find are closer to $12 a head. It all just adds up too fast.

We are ridiculously lucky to have a sweet deal on our photography because my sisters husbands brother is a professional wedding photographer. Around here a full packages starts at $1200, he usually charges $1000, and does $800 for friends. He offered us his full package for $500 which is stupendous! On top of that my wonderful bridesmaid sisters got together and arranged for that to be a group wedding gift to us!! Truly an unbelievable gift, especially because for me at least, having good photos of the day to keep forever is so much more important than any of the other little details. I will always always always be grateful for that!

I have my dress, which I will be self altering at some point. We have put our deposit on a venue, but are still looking at other possibilities since we can get that deposit back for a couple months yet. So some of the bigger stuff is somehow falling into place. For a June wedding, sometimes it seems like we are keeping a good pace for planning, but everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I tell them we are having only a four and an half month engagement. Oh well. We will make it work.

Having been sick for the past month has kept me from doing any planning of the minutiae. As tedious as the process is, I have one good take away from all this – by some ridiculous gift, I find it easy not to be caught up in the details and invested in all the little things. I hope I can keep that mentality as the big day approaches. Things never go like clockwork, there are always fumbles in complex plans, and I think at the end of the day I’ll be okay with that.

But in the mean time, I guess I still have to figure out how to keep everybody happy and plan a whole shebang. It’s gonna get crazy, but it’s gonna be worth it!

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