the story so far

One Year

I took Friday off of work. It was a holy day so I had to go to church, but that’s not really why I took off. December 8th of last year Jefferson and I hung out all night and then at 4 in the morning he asked me to go on a date with him. A lot has changed since then.img_4601

We both took the day off and went kayaking. We always talk about going and doing outdoorsy things but our work schedules haven’t allowed for that much. We went mountain biking a few weeks ago with some of his colleagues, but that’s been the only other thing since the Camino.

So we went kayaking. I got him from work Thursday and we drank coffee and talked til late and went back and slept with the intention of being up early. Early didn’t happen quite as well as we hoped, but it worked out. We got ourselves 12 beers and a cheese danish and a roast beef sandwich all crammed in a backpack and headed out to the gulf in our little boats. We had a good time despite the strange overcast and heading into a pretty steady headwind and current that didn’t want to let us pass.

Three hours went quickly though, and we headed back to his because I got the message that his anniversary gift had been delivered at his house.


We ended up stopping a while for lunch. The gift was a bust because the company sent the wrong item and we had to send it back, so the surprise was ruined. I got him these sick leather hard case saddlebags for his Honda Shadow Spirit. Now we have to wait another week or so for them to re-ship, but he already knows. Oh well.

We ended up hanging out with his family for most of the rest of the day. It was late when we prepared for mass but we got there alright.


Jefferson gave our priest the last item of paperwork needed to apply to get married… on our one year anniversary. This past year has been a whirlwind. I can’t wait to get a thumbs up from our priest so we can tell all the world we are definitely getting married. Then we can set a date and begin the grueling task of actually planning a wedding. I am not so pumped for that part, to be honest. Just the life-with-Jefferson part.

We got frozen yogurt on the way home because that’s how our friendship started – my ride home from the airport bailed on me once and he had offered to be my backup, so he took me home and on the way we got frozen yogurt from a gas station and talked til 2am. I am so glad my ride bailed on me.

I ended up there at his until late. I had to tutor early Saturday and he had to work, or I’d have stayed another night. But our anniversary was overall an excellent day of spending time together and getting to talk without having to work.

I really love this man. I can’t wait to be married to him.

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