the story so far

Updated ‘Me’?

I realized it’s been a long time since I updated my archaic “about me” page, and decided to do something about it. Wanna check it out? Do!

I think in a lot of ways it’s important for me to look back on where I came from and take note of the steps that it took to get where I am, whether I’m happy in that moment or not. Sometimes it’s useful just to have some perspective on the small achievements that add up to something bigger, even if in the grand scheme of things, it’s not something anyone else would notice. Other times it’s good to see where you came from for the sake of tracing your steps back and getting the slightest chance at starting over.

For now my looking back is the former; for a sense of perspective. I know that things in my life are different, and because I’m a selfish SOB, I want to be stingy and regretful about that, and I want to make a fuss about it and complain. But it’s all things I’ve chosen, and I think I’ve chosen right, because I’ve finally chosen something that is both challenging, worthwhile, and will bring me happiness in some way. So despite my own grumblings, I’m aiming where I should be aimed, and going where I should be going.

And I’m still chronicling the journey. Somewhat. I’m trying to anyway. So I’ll see you back out there in the pages of the blogoverse, and once you’ve read up on “new Tessa,” you’ll be ready to begin Chapter the Next right along with me.

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