the story so far

The Adventure Continues

She sat herself down on the couch with a sense of determination and a vacuous look in her eyes. She wanted to say something but she wasn’t quite sure what. Fairly par for the course. At least all the circumstances had lined up to finally write something – no work left to do at home, someone else using the TV, refusing to go to bed at 8pm regardless how tired, pouring rain outside… there was no reasonable reason not to at least try. And yet. Nothing.

I think that a lot of the writing I have done is because I feel that I have something to say, and luckily for my ego, few people with the time or interest to listen to me. So turning to the internet seemed an obvious choice. Surely there are folks out there with nothing better to do for five minutes than read the ramblings of someone unqualified to comment on much in life. So it was a blessing in my life and a curse on my writing when I suddenly had someone who wanted to listen to anything I could possibly have to say. Writing became a moot point.

But I miss it, so I’m typing anyway.

I finished off last school year and almost immediately left the country. I went to Spain by way of London and Paris, walked over 500 miles with my two best friends, and then returned home by way of Portugal and Paris. I will have loads to say about all that later. Immediately upon returning to the US I returned to work within a day, and I currently find myself a week and a half into a new school year. Oh, and I moved to a new home my first week back too. IMG_8815

So really, life has been going in the time I’ve been absent. Some bad, some good. Just living, ya know? But I think I’m gonna have to resume the writing in order to maintain sanity this school year. Lots of good changes on the horizon coming up, God willing, but all things that will take work and energy. I think I’m ready for it.

Anyway, how’s it going, friends?

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