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Anyone who has been reading here for any duration is probably sick of all the plans I make that either fall through, or that I don’t follow up on. Today is the day I finally write about something that is certainly, definitely, beyond the shadow of a doubt HAPPENING.

WE BOUGHT FLIGHTS FOR THE CAMINO! My sister Gabrielle and I have been planning to walk the Camino de Santiago for years now. I guess it was originally my plan but it quickly became our plan. We have been talking about it for years, I have been writing about it for years, and now my friends, it is finally happening!!!

I could not be more excited.

We also have a third-party accompanying us – Jefferson! The Camino was one of the topics that we first struck gold on when we were realizing that we might actually become friends. Long before we were even dating it became part of the plan that if we were going, he’d be coming with us. For a while neither of us knew if it was going to be feasible financially, but these things work themselves out.

Gabrielle will be joining a convent in the next year or so, and so this may be our last big shebang. We will not ever really have this opportunity again, which makes it that much greater that it is finally falling into place for this summer. She will be in Switzerland for a week or so before hand and will be meeting Jefferson and I at the beginning of the pilgrimage.

Jefferson and I bought tickets just the other night after some confusion and disassembled plans which somehow got reassembled. The moment he hit the purchase button on the flights website, we both kind of just looked at each other, still holding our breath. A moment passed and I squeezed his arm and squeaked, and he stopped holding his breath too and cracked a grin, and then we both just sat there absorbing reality.

Then we went outside and smoked a victory cigarette. We are really doing this.

We will be flying from Florida, stopping to switch airports in London before finally arriving in Paris, taking a train to St. Jean Pied-de-Port, walking to Finisterre, taking a train to Porto, Portugal, and flying back to Paris in time to Fly to Texas and back to Florida! All between June 24th and August 12th! I. Could. Not. Be. More. Excited!

And seriously, folks – stories, advice, recommendations – it is all welcome and sought! We’re planning to camp almost every night rather than stay in hostels, so we’re about to buy gear as well. Send me your tips and advice!!

7 thoughts on “ITS OFFICIAL!”

  1. I have NEVER grown sick and tired of you writing about your plans. I find myself enthralled and if they happen to fall through, I know another one will be along soon! Long may it continue.
    I can offer no advise as I’m far too old to do this camping stuff and far too fond of my creature comforts. Just enjoy yourselves no matter what and have a bloody good time girlie


    1. We really will have a good time, I cannot wait!
      I’ve missed our chats! I’m so glad that whenever I get around to posting something here and there that someone enjoys the ups and the downs along with me. Hope you’re well!

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  2. I am well thank you and judging from this post, so are you.
    Boots! Mate of mine is a former NCO in the British Army and he loves a good hike and he said “Boots”. Get a good pair of boots and decent socks. He says don’t get those hiking sandals as he reckons they’re as much use as a chocolate teapot. So now you know!
    I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventure. Take care. Have fun.

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    1. Hmm. I didn’t go for the chocolate teapot or the hiking sandals, but I just bought trail running shoes… not quite boots, but they should hold up and be easy to dry should they get wet. I guess we’ll see how it goes! Thanks for the tip, and if he has any others, I’d love to hear them! (especially since I’ll be camping in unfamiliar territory for over a month!)


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