the story so far


I’m not very good at prioritizing. I can’t seem to make the time for Netflix, for instance, but I’ll go run 5K for fun at night. I can’t hang out with everyone I know, but I’ve been biking places lately, just because. I can’t force myself to spend five minutes blogging, but I’ll doodle in all my “free time.” There must be something wrong with me. 

Okay so maybe the priorities are shifting on their own. I’m not sure why or where they’re headed, but they’ve taken on momentum of their own. That’s good though, because when I try to change things, it rarely ever happens. Maybe next I’ll start studying and reading books and being well informed about the world around me. Or volunteering more. Or caring about my job. Or deliberately socializing. Or being genuinely athletic and healthy. Who knows where the possibilities end?!

The irony of all this is that I’m sitting on the toilet right now. (Sorry if that’s tmi). It’s the only time I can convince myself would be better spent writing senselessly about my life. 

But I really have been doodling lately. I’ve really gotten into the ink pen doodle especially. Maybe an artistic outlet isn’t a bad thing. Here, I’ll share a couple and call this post fin

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