yo ho a teacher's life for me


I’m always amused by the things that come out of my students’ mouths. Today:

Kid 1: “Last night I told my mom about how sound waves have crests and troughs and when there is a high frequency there is a higher pitch. And she said where did you learn that?! and I said at school! and she said wow you’re getting so much smarter than me! You’re going to outdo me one of these days!

Me: “That’s the dream, right? Outdoing our moms…” (All my irony or sarcasm goes over their heads so I tend to really dish it out.)

Kid 2: “I can’t outdo my mom. She’s smart. I can outdo my dad though. Of the two of them my mom is always right. Only my dad makes mistakes. He’s been making a lot of bad decisions this year. That’s why they’re getting a divorce. Cause mom is right…”

I choked on my water. Kids will repeat anything. And it’s always funnier than how they heard it. 

Too funny. 

Poor dads. 

2 thoughts on “Amusement”

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