the story so far

November 28th

Thoughts on a Monday…

  1. I’ve only got nine days until Davis leaves Florida and I’m not dealing with that well. 
  2. I’ve stretched myself too thin socially in the past couple of weeks and it’s really taken its toll. I need a recharge. 
  3. My sister had a baby. Did I mention that?
  4. Also I started back to school today with a horrid case of bronchitis or something of that nature. I’ve been hacking out my lungs and throat all day and it shows no sign of improvement. 
  5. I’m starting to get antsy already cause we are drawing near my least favorite time of year – the Christmas season. I’m already fighting the hermit-reflex. 
  6. I’ve started over thinking one of my new friendships and it’s driving me up the wall. 
  7. I recently realized that while my whole life I’ve had more guy friends than girl friends, I’ve hit a point when other than those related to me, I don’t have a single female I’m close to. Just guys. Surprisingly, I’m slightly unhappy with that. Don’t really know any solution though. 
  8. Ever feel like you’ve worked really hard for something, given it your all, and your level of success is just so damn low that it remains meaningless? That’s how I feel about the healthy-lifestyle kick I’ve been on for 10 months… what’s the point?
  9. I wish my hair was longer. 
  10. I painted my nails gold. All but one – the one that got smashed in a car door a couple months ago… which I don’t even recall if I wrote about… but the nail is nearly dead and should fall off soon, so that’ll be exciting. 
  11. Clearly my idea of exciting needs help. 
  12. Did I mention that Davis is leaving in nine days and that I’m not dealing with that very well..?

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