the story so far

November 26th

…okay I spoke too soon. My sister was on and off the laboring for over 36 hours and little Castiel still hasn’t made an appearance. It seems things are getting going again, so here’s hoping for a healthy middle of the night baby!

I can’t imagine being in labor that long. 

Well, actually I can’t imagine being in labor at all, or pregnant for that matter. 

But little Castiel has a huge family out here waiting for his grand entrance. He’ll be born in the next six hours or they’re going to induce. So his birthday will be November 27th. I like it, it sounds good. 

He’s going to share a birthday with one of my high school best friends, Sadie, and one of my new best friends, Jefferson, and my first college friend, Charlie. What a day to be alive…

Whilst my sister has been traversing this experience, I’ve had my first nephew as company so as to keep him out of her way. He’s an animated little guy and tonight he’s kicked me out of my queen bed and onto the couch, as he likes to crawl and kick and thrash about in his sleep, and I don’t have a spare crib lying around for him while he’s here. Hell sure be in for a surprise tomorrow when he returns home to find that he is no longer the baby of the family. 

Castiel, hurry up, we cannot wait to meet you!

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