the story so far

November 23rd

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Today I have a stomach bug and a crying toddler to babysit and I’m not feeling very thankful. But that’s the problem. 

Thankfulness shouldn’t be a mood, should it?

It should be a lifestyle. Something that doesn’t change. We should exude gratitude at all times, because let’s be honest, we are constantly being given things which we can’t say we’ve earned. We are given second chances every day. We are given health and shelter and good fortune. Even when things aren’t great, they still are – there are so many blessings in disguise. 

The trick this thanksgiving is remembering that even when the world seems to have crumbled about your ears, that somewhere, somehow, there’s still a plan. And since it isn’t yours, well, it might just work out. Don’t despair when when things don’t go your way – rejoice – because that means the master planner has once again taken over, and you’re never safer than in his hands. 

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