the story so far

November 18th

Today was the last day of school before vacation. It dragged. But now it’s done. 

Tomorrow is my next younger sisters 24th birthday. We are celebrating tonight at a Brewery and then having dessert at her house. It’s going to be an interesting crowd. 

Her baby is due Tuesday but it could come any time. I can’t believe she’s on her second kid at 23. Our lives, though parallel, are so very different. 

I love that in Florida it’s still shorts weather at thanksgiving. 

I’m going to sleep a lot this week. I can’t wait. 

These are just the thoughts bouncing between my ears. I should probably get an oil change. 

A guy asked me for my number last night. That doesn’t happen often, so I have it to him. 

Alright, let’s get this weekend underway. 

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