the story so far

November 14th

The Cast and Crew

I’ve realized that some of the stories I tell can be confusing just because of the number of people involved. For that reason and also (maybe mostly) for my own entertainment, I will provide a handful of the current crowd with a brief description.

Christopher: the roommate that I never see except long enough to say to each other “hey you’re never here when I’m here… see ya later!” before walking out the door again.

Davis: the best friend. Moving from Florida to Minnesota in T-3 weeks. Short, in all senses, intelligent, sometimes grumpy, sometimes fun, and the one who introduced me to half the people who will follow on this list.( * = people I only know through Davis.)

The Family crew includes Philumina (younger sis with kids), her husband Ian, their son Liam, and almost-born son Castiel, Irene (younger sis in college), Gabrielle (sis in Long Island) and many, many more. But that’s who’s around and likely to pop into a post from time to time.

Maxwell: new college student friend, courtesy of *Davis. Pub Night member, head of the Cigar Club. 20 years old, smart and dumb at the same time, likes to be facetiously flirtatious, and wears outlandish clothes from the 80s that even the 80s didn’t want. Tall, goofball.

Jefferson: new Pub Night friend*, not an Ave student. Artist, cyclist, joker. Seriously the funniest person I’ve ever met. Chill, intelligent, smokes like a chimney but only on weekends. Might join us for the Camino. Comes to mass with Davis and I. One of my favorites.

Luca: Pub Night friend*, lawyer, humorous, intelligent (I think?), odd. Wears his heart on his sleeve but doesn’t know it. Joins us for Sunday shenanigans, but has yet to become one of the Sunday Crew. Has potential, we’ll see.

Dr. Yarbrough: professor. Pub Night member*. Can carry a good conversation but would rather tease you about something else. Cigars and wine. Leaves to tuck his wife and kids in early, and has been a point of contention among PNMs. Funny guy. Don’t know him as well.

Liam: PNM*. Plays guitar and sings at inconvenient times. 20 years old. Got caught drinking at the pub. Asks you out then says you’re too old for him. Usually not 100% annoying, but never 0% annoying. Lightweight conversationalist, wants to be military. Ultra sensitive, very awkward.

Nick: comes to the Pub and joins us but isn’t considered a PNM. Alcoholic. Did one year of military – lives and breathes it. Sophist to the core. Claims to be in love with my sister Irene and is rarely seen apart from her. (Sick.) Can’t stand him anymore.

Gabe: occasional PNM-ish? Maybe? College student. Drinks heavily when he drinks, gets a little awkwardly flirtatious. Interesting when sober. Relatively harmless.

Guy-We’ll-Call-Rob: creepy, flirtatious, 50-something, alcoholic father to one of my students. Frequents the pub. Makes my life difficult on a number of levels.

Thomas: PNM, nice guy, a little out there. Sensitive. Dated Lauren, broke her heart. Very random conversationalist. Good hearted, likes to make people happy.

Mike and Mike: bartenders.

Lauren: girl who comes sometimes. Friends with Davis and Thomas most. Tom’s ex. Liam’s love interest. Likes white wine. A lot…

Ben: should come more often.

There are more people. I’m bad with names , but even if that wasn’t the case, the number of comers-and-goers is immense. Luke, Marcelo, AJ, Noelle, Noelle’s sister, Rachel, …etcetera.

These are my people, and I’m hoping the cast doesn’t change for quite some time. Even though one of the main leads is bowing out in a short three weeks. Hopefully nothing else changes.

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