the story so far

November 13th

There are only five more days of school before we have NINE days away from school, away from kids, away from reality.

So what’s going on this week? I’ve decided that on Friday we’re having a quiz in quite literally every subject. That means no classroom instruction, and that’s the point. Before a vacation is also a good time to sneak a quiz in, because God knows they won’t remember a damn thing afterwards. Oh well.

The only problem with a day full of quizzes is the intense amount of review that needs to happen with those subjects all week to even be ready. And of course there’s the problem of having 18 math quizzes, 18 spelling tests, 18 history quizzes, 18 science quizzes, etc., all to grade over the holiday.

Still, I’d trade that for having to expend the energy delivering a lesson. I’ll take it.

What’s in store over Thanksgiving break? SO MUCH!

My sister’s birthday is the 19th. Her baby is due on the 21st-ish. Thanksgiving is the 24th. Jefferson’s birthday is the 27th. Mike comes to take away Davis on the 29th (which, yes, I know, is after break is over. But still.)

Basically there is a lot going on in the next week and a half, and then after that’s over, we have a grand total of four weeks until Christmas break! Holiday season is the best for a lot of reasons, but “fewer days of school” is way up there on that list.

So, November, keep on goin strong. I’m loving it.

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