the story so far

November 9th

Davis made out like a bandit. He and some of the guys at the pub had a bet going about this election. He was bet two pitchers of beer that Hillary would win – a bet his opponents were quite certain of based on the polls. Davis doesn’t go with the flow. Davis doesn’t listen to the polls. Davis said Trump would be our Chump and he was right.img_0710

So tomorrow evening, Thursday Night at the Pub, Davis will be drinking free. The guys are glad Hillary didn’t make the cut, but they’re bummed they lost a bet. If I was a betting man, or woman, I’d have bet with Trump too, but it would have been wishful thinking. Somehow that’s how it came out anyway. Who would have thought?

I’m not sure how anyone can be happy either way in this election. I would have been bummed if Hillary won. I’m bummed Trump won. There really isn’t any winning – it’s just playing the odds of who is going to get us in trouble at a slightly slower rate than the other.

I watched the election results as long as I could stay awake last night, but eventually I had to sleep. I woke up numerous times during the night to check but always fell asleep again before I could get to my phone. I didn’t see the results until this morning. My eyes weren’t even open fully before I was refreshing the browser page on my phone and holding my breath. I think I’m still holding my breath.

Oh well. I suppose if I make it out to the pub tomorrow night, at least I’ll have the enjoyment of watching all the guys be annoyed they had to buy Davis beer, and the simultaneous enjoyment of Davis’s smug face as he ungraciously accepts their losing bets. Sounds delightful, no?

At least it’s over.

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