mumbling of an imbecile

November 8th

How could I write on November 8th and fail to mention the fact that I need to go vote today? I feel dirty even just thinking about it – we have no good options! Would we rather an inexperienced man with no political background and a hot-headed propensity for getting himself in awkward positions be president, or a lying, scheming, murderous super-feminist?

As much as it gives me heartburn to say it, I’m going to have to go with the hot head on this one. Sorry folks. Well no, I’m not.

After moving to Florida everything has kept itself so busy that I only remembered to register to vote riiiight before the deadline. The only problem is that I still haven’t changed my driver’s license to a Florida one from New Hampshire, so I’m going to have to dig up some extra documentation in order to prove residency and vote. Even though I’m registered for Florida.


So after school, and dismissal, and a suspiciously vague request for a parent meeting, I’ll be running over to figure out where to vote before booking it to the gym for an hour of self-loathing self-improving running-away-from-my-decisions sort of running. Who knew voting for political leaders could be this stressful? No matter who wins, our country is in for a whopping four years of downhill crumbling.

I guess that’s the path we’ve been on anyway.

This is the beginning of the end.

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