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November 4th

It’s going to happen. I’ve been pricing tickets and getting in good shape and it’s going to happen. I’m talking about the Camino de Santiago of course. I’ve probably mentioned it a billion times, and thought about it twice as much, but I think it’s finally happening.

My sister and I are going, and we have tentatively set our dates for July 6th through August 14th of 2017!

The obtaining of supplies has begun. The getting in shape has begun (sort of?). The anticipation began long ago. The planning began almost as long ago. The determination set in recently. And the real footwork began this week.

Some days I’m excited beyond belief to finally do something big that I’ve wanted for so long. Some days I’m discouraged because I can barely haul myself to the gym for an hour let alone consider walking 500 miles across Spain. But no matter what, this his happening.

We are waiting to buy our flights in December, and hopefully the rest of our planning will mostly be done via Skype this weekend.

We may have another new friend or two of ours joining us too.

If anyone has recommendations for the Camino specifically (best routes, supplies to bring/not bring, towns to stay in, etc.) please let me know! We are very eager to hear stories and gather advice on how to do this best. Or if you just have general advice from other through hikes, that would be more than welcome too!

Off to begin some more planning!

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