Stir Crazy: a way of life

It would probably be fair to start considering “stir crazy” to be my resting state. I’m not saying it’s comfortable, but it’s pretty damn familiar. I am restless and full of anticipation, even when there’s nothing on the horizon. It isn’t the anxious sort of stir crazy, not yet at least, not this time. This … More Stir Crazy: a way of life


The Dude Rant

disclaimer: Dudes are great. I like dudes. I am totally into dudes. But. There’s some stuff I’ve got to say. … More The Dude Rant

Thoughts On a Monday

Are you ready for a brief stream of consciousness on a Monday in between conferences? Are you sure? Ooookay. Here we go! Today and the next two days are for Parent/Teacher Conferences. I didn’t prepare at all, but I’m not worried. It’s reassuring knowing that I do my job well enough that I could have … More Thoughts On a Monday


A Bit of Perspective

It is not often that I take a step back from being disappointed with my line of work and actually appreciate what it is I’m doing. I should do that more often. But I’m more of a chronic critic than anything, and pointing out the charms doesn’t come as naturally as pointing out the flaws. … More A Bit of Perspective


Miss R. and the Bionic Eye

I had just taken my students down the hall to the cafeteria and sneaked back into my room. The lights were mostly off so as not to alert anyone to my presence, and I sat behind a file cabinet, finally checking my phone, drinking some water, eating my lunch, and enjoying the comparative silence. Then … More Miss R. and the Bionic Eye