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Is it still only Wednesday?

Well, I made a kid cry today. I swear, all I did was say her name in Teacher Voice. Some kids are unduly sensitive, and I may have to take it upon myself to change that. But still, I don’t make kids cry on purpose. 

I know it’s still week one (HOW IS IT STILL WEEK ONE??) but it feels like we’ve been in school longer than that. It’s not bad though – the kids are reasonably respectful and hard working. I just have to get them to turn off Summer Brain. It’s School Brain time. 

My favorite part of the day today was science. We were going over classification of living things – kingdom, phylum, etc. – and we were discussing how we classify by what an animal eats – herbivores, carnivores, omnivores. One particularly spirited girl raises her hand and says, “herbivores are like vegetarians, right?” Before I could answer she corrects herself, “wait, not vegetarians, I meant vegeTERRIBLES!” 

I busted a gut laughing as she continued to explain that her grandmother is a vegetarian and her dad makes fun and calls her a vege-terrible because giving up meat is a terrible choice. 

I’m sorry if anyone reading is horrified because they’re a vegetarian or a vege-sympathizer. But cmon. This 8 year old had me in stitches. (And having met her dad, I know exactly who the culprit is!)

So that was the best part of my day, until now. I am on a last minute shopping excursion with my sister who is about to attend orientation for university tomorrow and move into her dorm and be a real student again come Monday. I guess we should buy school supplies or something. 

And then later tonight I’ll be having Teacher-Teacher Conferences with adult juice boxes. Aka – hanging out with teacher friends and eating home made hot wings and drinking those beer things I’ve been hearing about for so long…

Maybe it’s okay that it’s only Wednesday. 

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