the story so far


I suppose that I should accept the adult things I’m starting to have to do in my life. Adulthood always seemed to far away and distant, and I didn’t mind that. And then one day it was suddenly tapping me on the shoulder, and I ran like the wind.  Still am, I think. But in order for me to cease going backward, I think I may have to move forward. There are little ways adulthood is creeping into my life lately and I’m starting to let myself learn from that:

  1. I have to accept that I will not always be able to get away with showing up under-dressed for business formal events. I’m going to have to learn how to dress to the dresscode. Honestly I’m surprised I’ve made it this far.
  2. I have to accept that I’m not going to be able to keep my adorable little diamond stud nose ring. Even though most people don’t notice it, it always breaks dresscode, so it will probably have to go eventually.
  3. I have to learn to join a conversation. Silently listening for long periods of time seems to creep people out, and changing the subject is rude. So even if the gossip of the day isn’t what I want to be discussing, for the sake of my colleagues, maybe I should just go with it.
  4. Coffee first, conversation later. How have I not learned this yet?
  5. Privacy is still my best friend. Adults gossip and spread rumors as much as teenagers, so I’m learning to keep things to myself unless I’m obligated to share.
  6. Being able to take control of a situation that’s out of your hands because you’re several states away and the cellphone connection is breaking up is an invaluable skill. Tears may still be shed, but at least everyone will be okay in the end. Lessons learned…
  7. I have also mastered the skill of the 30 minute nap. Even adults need rest, right?
  8. Salad… even when you have an open buffet 3 meals a day for a week, try not to make decisions you’ll regret. Salad is safest.
  9. If there’s an open bar – go – see – conquer. Any questions?

And finally

10. I’m learning that when you start to feel like you’re in over your head, or too far from your comfort zone, you don’t have to backpedal or retreat. You just have to observe the present, take it all in, assess what should stay and what can go, and wiggle around a little until you’ve found a new way to be comfortable in your new situation. Odds are it’s still better than whatever you’ve come from. Different doesn’t mean bad. Keep jumping in.

See? I’m totally gonna rock this Adult thing.

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