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A Travel Update

Since I am on the road I thought maybe an update is in order. I left New Hampshire and drove through Canada to Michigan to drop my little sisters at their mom’s house. Then I set off again and spent last night at my best friend’s apartment in DC. I was going to set off again at noon today, but in a burst of spontaneity Cat will be accompanying me on what would have been a solo 16+ hour drive to Florida today! Her family lives there and she will fly back to DC on Sunday. So now I get an extra nap while she’s at work, and a road trip buddy!! I couldn’t be more excited about this turn of events. 

On another note, here is my most recent Instagram post, because I’m a fan of bad metaphors and self-humoring monologues:

Meanwhile in Tessa’s life: “Hmm, I can tell you your speed, the time, and your direction of travel (I’ll even throw in elevation), but I can’t tell if you’re on a road of any sort or if there are even any around. But don’t worry I won’t reroute or tell you where to go, I have confidence that you will find your way eventually. Knowing where you’re going is too mainstream, let’s do this blind so if you don’t die at least you’ll have a life’s supply of dumb stories to tell. You go girl.” -my GPS 

(aka a poorly constructed metaphor for my current state of existence) 

Also I’m supposed to be driving south so I’m not sure what’s up with this west thing… If only the little ↩️ arrow on the bottom was a “redo” button.

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