mumbling of an imbecile, the story so far

All Good Things Come in Three’s

Right? That’s what I’ve heard. and in the past 24 hours:

  1. my kid sister got her first big kid job, and is juuust shy of getting her first college acceptance letter.
  2. Today is Boston Red Sox opening day! (So it was supposed to be yesterday but now it’s today, which is somehow better…)
  3. I just got the job offer for the teaching position in Florida I’ve been pushing for, with a significantly higher salary than I’ve ever had before!!!

See? Threes!

Oh, and I may be getting a new car, so maybe good things come in more than three. (OR that’s already the next set of three – I’m going to Nebraska next week, so that’s two, what will my second third be? AH who knows?!)

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