creative writing


from sometime in 2013. sometimes you love a friend in a way they can’t access, and that just leaves you butting your head against a wall and writing shitty poetry.

And I want to crush you with the love I have for you,
to show you the force it holds.
But I do not want to crush you at all.
I do not want to force anything on you at all.
I want to give you
this thing, the care I have inside.
But you do not see where it begins,
you just imagine where it ends.
I could spend a lifetime
trying to convince you of the truth,
but where would that leave us then?
At the point of no tomorrow?
What value does that give to yesterday?
And if I spend my life this way
will you accept my love in the end?
Will you see all for what it is?
Will you make this worth it all?
Or will you still be drowned in doubt,
in self imposed solitude of soul,
in lonely isolation?
I will tell you every day
in action and in word,
with faith that I will one day reach you,
that one day I can make you understand.
even on the last of days –
that I’m not going anywhere without you.
That I care with a fiery determination,
that you’re not alone.

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