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Spring is Springing

It’s pouring rain outside, and I could not possibly be happier about that. Why? Because the forecast was snow, and we had a little of that this morning, but now it’s rain. Because it’s too WARM for snow! Winter is the only season I dislike, and it is finally winding down into spring, which is my second favorite. I know there are only four to choose from, but I have a very definitive ranking that doesn’t budge.

While I’m sitting at the dining room table, drinking lemon water and listening to the rain, I’m also pondering where spring will take me. (More accurately I’m wondering where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing 6 or 9 months from now, and what I can do right now to get there, but close enough.)

Eight of the nine other tabs I have open on my browser are related to job openings at schools around the country. One of them is just a matter of miles from where I went to college in Florida, and they’ve employed more than a dozen of my fellow graduates in the past two years, so I’m thinking maybe I’ve got a chance there. Another school is in Atlanta, and another in Savannah. There’re more but you catch my drift.

I guess my main focus right now will be applying to the school in Florida. I will have great references speaking to my abilities, they are familiar with my tiny little university and the kind of professionals it puts out, and as an added bonus, one of my little sisters is thinking about attending my Alma Mater, and could live with me off campus. Plus, I spoke with a friend of mine there today and she and her husband will put in a good word for me as soon as they’re back from Spring Break.

Dare I get excited about this? I thought I’d never want to go back to Florida for longer than a holiday, but maybe this can be good. I miss the heat and the beaches and the water and the seafood. I also miss being around people I’m good friends with, and a lot of good people that I graduated with are in the surrounding area.

I’ve been writing my application cover letter, and should have it sent in by tomorrow.

I guess we’ll see where we go from there! Happy Spring!


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