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Grad School Searches are Terrifying!

It has occurred to me that maybe instead of putting off further education for down the line, maybe I should just dive back in as soon as possible. In the process of entertaining this idea, I decided it couldn’t hurt to look into a couple of grad schools offering masters programs and see what there is to see.

What there is to see is TERRIFYING.

I don’t think I’ll ever be qualified enough to even start the application process! Not at a school that’s worth going to at least.

Yes, you’re right, I should have thought harder about this while I was doing my undergrad. But to be honest I was just so stunned that I’d made it as far as I had, that I had trouble looking any further into the future. I didn’t even know what I wanted my undergraduate degree in… it just sort of happened to me.

So now looking for something bigger and more serious – it’s a nightmare. I want to study EVERY thing. Is that possible? How is it that I still can’t narrow it down?

What I’m focused on looking at right now is masters programs in anthropology with a focus on archaeology. Never heard me mention that before? I haven’t, here. But it’s been one of those things that’s fascinated me since I was a teenager (okay fine, since I saw Jurassic Park as a child…)

But will I be able to get into a program like this? Let’s put it this way – taking the GRE will be the easy part. No I haven’t studied for it exactly, but I will. And I’ve taken practice tests for it which “flying colors” was an understatement for. It’s all the other requirements, ranging from pre-req’s I’ve never even heard of to insane application fees and letters of recommendation I’m not sure I can get. Then there’s the clincher: my undergraduate degree was in philosophy. Philosophy. Yes, you heard that right.


Well I guess there’s no way to move forward without testing the bounds of my own imagination and determination. But I should start small… I’ll study for and take the GRE and maybe that will give me the confidence to leap headlong into a master’s program.

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