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Get Over It, Tess

I’ve been such a Debbie Downer lately, and I can’t stand it. That isn’t really me for the most part, and I hate when that is all that I can dish out. Tonight I want to begin to reverse that and begin to put things back upright.

I’m so sick of being a person who talks about change and perhaps starts to do things a little differently, and then as soon as adversity shows its ugly face again, I’m back to square one. It is high time I learned to have conviction about being happy. It is a choice, after all.

I am happy about the rum and coke in my hand. Not to sound like an alcoholic, because I’m not one (denial, pshhh), a drink now and again is very welcome.

I am happy about recently starting my second job. I’m writing for money now, for the first time ever. It’s a freelance sort of deal, so I don’t want to jinx myself by speaking too soon, but it’s good!

I am happy about the third job I may have starting soon as well. It’s a job working with Special Needs children and youths, mentoring and teaching. For the first time ever I may have a job in which I’m able to serve and give back in a meaningful way. That’s what I’ve always been looking for. Who knew I’d find it in a position like this?

I am happy that Bubba loves me so much. His momma and poppa are home but he still looks to me for comfort whenever I’m around. Perhaps it’s that I’ve spoiled him while they were away, but he hasn’t gone back to ignoring me, which is nice.

I am happy for the one friend I have who lives on the other side of the USA who still insists on calling me, making fun of me, mocking me, and generally annoying me all. the. time. Davis, you’re a gem. A diamond in the rough. A keeper. Well, someone else can keep you, but whatever. Thanks, man. (If you stop trying to convince me I want to get married, our friendship will last longer 😉 )

I am happy for my sister being finally out of the hospital last night. We’re keeping extra special good care of her and I think we’ve all learned a lot from recent happenings.

I am happy that the X-Files miniseries is coming out! I haven’t seen the first and second episodes yet, but I’ll be catching up on them this weekend.

I am happy for January being nearly over because spring can’t possibly come fast enough.

I am happy for John Coltrane blasting out my speakers. You are my hero, my inspiration, my go-to-guy. (Seriously though, Coltrane is for every occasion.)

I am happy that I am the prettiest, smartest, funniest person I know… Wait. No, that was a daydream. Nevermind.

I am happy that I wake up each day and have the opportunity to do more and do better than I did yesterday and the day before. I am happy that I have the freedom to make choices like what to eat and where to sleep and the faculties which allow me to do what my life requires.

There are so many things I have in my life that are wonderful. Plus, even if I didn’t, I’m young and capable, and I can change the things I don’t like, even if it takes me a century to get off my ass and do it.

Today was good. Tomorrow will be better.


Shout out to my brother Charlie for his 20th birthday yesterday! (You were not forgotten; my blog was!)

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