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In honor of the X-Files mini series starting today, I’m reblogging one of my own posts. I hope someone enjoys it as much as I did!

Nothing Was Said

I’m a sucker for a good monologue. I always have been, whether it’s Shakespeare or Mulder, Plato or Scully. Oh, you’re seeing the connection here? Yes. I’m a sucker for the X-Files too. And X-Files monologues? Be still my heart…

My sister and I and some others were watching X-Files again (tis the season) and I was once again struck by the magnificence of some of the monologues in this show. They’re beyond. Beyond what I don’t even know. They’re mindblowing. They’re works of art. They’re tear jerkers, if you know the context. There’s just nothing not to love.

So, in honor of this grand ole love fest, here’s one of Scully’s impressive little monologues:

“One day, you’ll ask me to speak of a truth,’of the miracle of your birth. To explain what is unexplained. And if I falter or fail on this day, know there is an…

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