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Link Love: Episode Three

Once again I find myself without a lot to really write about. I’m in much more of a reading sort of mood than a writing mood. I can’t say that I mind – between the blog posts and the books that have been piling up ready and waiting to be read, I’ll never have a shortage.

Of course, reading is what most commonly leads me to the things I’d be interested in writing about. So here are a handful of links and maybe a little commentary on why they’re so cool.

  1. What Does Your Favorite Drink Look Like Under a Microscope? – Guys this is seriously cool. Look through the pictures, but read the article too. It’s amazing what crystallized mixed drinks look like.
  2. Digital Geocaching – Geocaching is one of my newest obsessions, but as it’s winter and everything is covered in too much snow (any snow is too much snow), I’m waiting until spring. But I recently discovered a digital version – apparently there are USB drives hidden all over the world in which people can leave and find documents and data of any kind. Check this out, maybe there’s one near you!
  3. Girls and Whiskey – Need I say more? In college my drink of choice was tequila. Since then my tastes have leaned heavily towards whiskey and gin, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.
  4. Ever seen a giant octopus try to escape from its tank in the aquarium? Now you have.
  5. Language changes everything. Well, a lot of things. We all know that volumes can be said with a single sentence, but I don’t think we frequently think of the impact different languages have on what we are actually saying. I was seriously impressed by this article.
  6. Calvin and Hobbes – I grew up on Calvin and Hobbes, both the strip and the books. Both are amazing. This is a snippet from an interview with Watterson regarding the origin of the comic. I just got all nostalgic reading it. If you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying this strip, well, I’d advise you change that.


It’s nearly midnight and once again I find myself awake. It’s a debilitating 5*F outside, so sleeping will be a challenge anyway, as a draft besieges my windows each night. But no matter. I’m going to go make myself a midnight snack, perhaps a salami sandwich, and then head off to bed. Goodnight my friends.

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