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I’m Still Here

Well, I’ve taken a much needed week of zero posting, and somehow I’ve found my way back to my posts page. My need for a hiatus coincided nicely with a rough head cold and a new case of pink eye (truthfully I didn’t know what was still a thing!) and the time I caught up on sleeping instead of writing was more than valuable. But I don’t feel right if I’m not aimlessly posting things for all the world to see, so I’m back.

All I’m going to post today are a few links. I’m a link hoarder. I seldom have time to read an article or a page right when I’ve found it, so I have a tendency to “save it for later” even if later never really comes. So I’ve looked back on a the first couple of saved links I’ve accrued lately, and I’m sharing the ones I feel are interesting. They’re going to be random, I know, but they’re good as well!

  1. It may not sound important, but these magnetic cushions allow you to build a pillow fort unlike any you’ve made before. As I plan to be building forts all my life, I’m going to need these. Christmas is coming…
  2. It’s not new, but gender-neutral pronoun usage will never make real sense to me. Especially with the made up ones that aren’t even words in English.
  3. Here’s a list of what’s coming to Netflix this month. Priorities, folks, priorities.
  4. This lady got paid to sing lullabies to people.
  5. I’ll write a post regarding what I think of feminism some other time, but to counterbalance that, here’s a 2016 calendar that feminists should be advocating.
  6. I’m going to find my future career on this list. Number three looks familiar but number one looks promising…

I’ll leave you to dig into the randomness while I go eat cough drops like they’re candy and lull myself to sleep.

8 thoughts on “I’m Still Here”

  1. So you took my advice 😉 Good to see that you’re back again.

    Sadly, my fort-building days are over.

    And yes, you as a Professional Foreigner does look promising. Hehe.

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