It was years ago that I once and for all gave up the notion of making New Year’s Resolutions. Of all the resolutions I’ve made in my life, never have I accomplished a single one the whole year through. And I know that this is common – it’s even a running joke. But when I … More Resolution

The Christmas Spirit

“Everyone loves Christmas!” they say. What’s not to love? People get so easily swept up in the fanfare and warm-fuzzies. I think people fail to realize that for some people Christmas can be the hardest time of the year. Santa Claus was never a part of what we were told about Christmas as children. We … More The Christmas Spirit


You know you’re becoming woefully accustomed to getting up at 4am for work when you wake up for no reason at 415am on days when you don’t work, and haven’t set an alarm. Another significant indicator is being tired as hell by 8pm. Is this what having no life feels like? Nevermind, I know the … More Zzz

I’m Still Here

Well, I’ve taken a much needed week of zero posting, and somehow I’ve found my way back to my posts page. My need for a hiatus coincided nicely with a rough head cold and a new case of pink eye (truthfully I didn’t know what was still a thing!) and the time I caught up … More I’m Still Here

HBD Pappy

My father turned 62 today. We keep telling people he’s turning 40 and he rolls his eyes and chuckles almost mirthlessly. Then he makes inappropriate comments about what he’d be doing if he was only turning 40. Then he chuckles mirthfully and we take our turn rolling our eyes and chuckling mirthlessly. I’ve been realizing … More HBD Pappy