the story so far

Blurb Blurb Blurb

/Blurb The First/

Last night I pierced my sister’s ears, with a safety pin. I had my ears pierced that way by a friend a few years ago, and while it was a slightly traumatic few minutes, I look back on it fondly. Gabrielle, who hasn’t ever had anything pierced, was suddenly contemplating getting hers done yesterday, but we weren’t sure where in the area would be a good place to go get it done. I jokingly told her I’d do it. Much to my surprise, she leapt at the idea. So we did it. I’m not sure if her experience was more or less traumatic than my own, but I’d say that once the tenderness of the holes goes away in a few days, she’ll be pleased with her new piercings!

/Blurb The Second/

I think that everyone has a particular sound, maybe more than one, which drives them crazy. For some people this is the sound of nails on a chalkboard. For some it is someone chewing with their mouth open. There are any number of things it could be. For my supervisor at work, this sound is knuckle popping. Unfortunately, cracking my knuckles, and just about every other joint in my body, is such a habit that I don’t even know I’m doing it. Penny glares at me furiously and is convinced that I do it just to annoy her. On the flip side, the thing that bothers me most about Penny, is that whenever she drinks from a bottle she half pours half slurps, leading to the most dreadful sloshy slurpy sound of all time. I quite literally have chills whenever she does it.

/Blurb The Third/058

It’s two days until Thanksgiving and the thing I am most grateful for this year, is that the tiny sprinkles of snow we’ve had so far have yet to stick to the ground for more than a couple of hours in the very early morning. Considering that I’m up at 4am for work almost daily now, I couldn’t be happier than if the snow would just hold out a little bit longer. Or maybe forever.

/Blurb The Fourth/

I live in New England, the land of outdoorsy winter activities. I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding or ridden on a snowmobile. I’d like to change at least one of those things this year. But I don’t want to go take a class or something, I’d rather find someone I know who can teach me instead. I guess we’ll see how that turns out.

/Blurb The Final/

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it, but I cannot wait for the new Star Wars movie to come out!!! It’s coming so soon! I am going to have to have a little movie marathon and watch all the old ones again before I go to see it. I’m seriously a billion times more excited for this movie to come out than I am excited for Christmas… I feel like a kid again.

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