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Pick a Side!

I think a lot about thinking. That may seem like a rather useless pursuit, but I did major in philosophy after all, so you shouldn’t be too surprised. I find it exciting to think that just about every thing is connected to every other thing by a series of relations. You know, like six degrees of separation, or whatever it’s called.

(Sometimes these thoughts bumping into each other in my head get a little too ‘meta’ and aren’t even worth writing about, like right now. I’m going to carry on anyway.)

So I was just sitting here and thinking about thought, and about how people think differently, and the biology and psychology and physiology behind that, and I started to think about the brain, and how people use different hemispheres and all that jazz. I’m sure you’ve heard of this. Right brained people tend to be more visual and intuitive and left brained people tend to be more precise and literal. Sitting here, I couldn’t decide for the life of me which I am more of. So naturally, I found an online assessment, and took it. Here’s what I found.

Capture (8)

Okay, mind you I’m not saying that this super short assessment is the most precise indicator, but I was just going for a general idea anyway. I figured that, most likely, my left brain/right brain would be probably within 10 points of each other. But exactly matching? What? Is that even possible?

Perhaps this is why sometimes I can be very visual, very creative, very abstract, and other times I can’t string a sentence together because even sitting with a dictionary in my hand I can’t seem to find the most precise words for what I’d like to say, and I can’t say it imprecisely because it just wouldn’t be worth it.

That’s probably my biggest struggle with this blog, actually. I’ve got to wait for the creative side of my brain to prevail in order to write anything at all. And even then it’s a toss up whether you’re going to get something creative or something analytical.

I could keep babbling here, as my fingers on the keyboard are becoming a sort of stream of consciousness right now, but I am quite sure that most of what goes on in my brain would scare a great many people, and so I shall leave it at this.


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