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Have you ever been told you’re quirky? It usually comes out when somebody is trying to describe you, to you, and can’t really come up with something polite and still accurate, so they say, “well you’re………… quirky!”

I can’t even decide if quirky has a positive or negative connotation to me. Technically the definition is to have peculiar or unexpected traits. I guess at the end of the day I have to take that as a complement, right? (I do love the word peculiar.) But what is it that is unexpected or peculiar? I mean, I definitely have certain oddities about my personality, or behavior, or lifestyle, but who doesn’t? I think we all must. We aren’t made from cookie cutters after all. So, here are some of the ways in which I would assume I’m “quirky.”

  1. I’ve been told my sneezes sound like someone stepping on a mouse. Somehow this equates to a high pitched squeak.
  2. I have no sense of balance whatsoever when my hair is wet. When my hair is dry it’s only slightly better.
  3. I’m also allergic to my own hair when it’s wet. It’s not a shampoo or other product, I react even when my hair is wet from rain or a lake or pool or water balloon fight. I sneeze when my hair is wet.
  4. I accidentally pick up people’s speech rhythms and accents when I’m around them for more than 20 minutes. It’s particularly bad if I’ve been drinking because it’s a lot stronger. I usually don’t notice when I’ve started to do this, and I can’t fake an accent to save my life.
  5. I compulsively crack my fingers and just about every other joint in my body. Even in my sleep.
  6. I’m slightly color blind I think, but backwards. Where most people would see a monochromatic color, like black or white or grey, I see hues that shouldn’t be there. Usually dark blues and olive greens and sometimes yellows.
  7. My knees dislocate extremely easily if I crouch too low, or kneel, but I can play full contact sports with no problem. It’s happened dozens of times and I’ve popped them back on my own every time.
  8. Two of my favorite calming things to do are brushing my teeth and folding laundry. For some reason I still avoid doing laundry like the plague.
  9. I have an extreme obsession with notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, and any kind of stationary. Pens, pencils, markers, paintbrushes, etc., come in close second. Office supplies in general are pretty up there too.
  10. If I’ve been somewhere before, even if it was only once twelve years ago, I have a fantastic sense of direction for getting around in a place. However, I can’t remember street names or highway numbers to save my life.
  11. I hate needles but I routinely donate blood to the Red Cross, and I let my friend pierce my ears with a safety pin.
  12. I’d rather drive for 24 hours than be passenger in a car for 15 minutes. I get car sick if I’m not driving.
  13. I get motion sickness from slight movement, but giant roller coasters don’t bother me – they’re the best!

Keeps life interesting, doesn’t it?

I could probably retitle this post “13 useless bits of information.” Ah well. I’m tired and just watched a horror movie (ha, see I’m writing this the night before I post it) and won’t be able to sleep a wink. My butt is also sore because I fell down a mountain the other day, and I have to work bright and early tomorrow. (STOP complaining, Tess!) (Okay, I’m done.)

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