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Ah, Movember!

Today is November 1st. Aka, the start of Movember, the most beautiful month of all the year. Movember is better than Christmas.

Why? you ask. Let’s see. Movember, or No Shave November, is when all the handsome men get handsomer. The irresistible whiplash inspiring hunky lumberjack types come out to play.

Physically speaking, if I had a type, that’s what it would be.

I’ve always been attracted to the tall, broad, deep voiced, hairy chested guys. You know, the ones that are hard to find these days. Gruff and tough isn’t exactly in demand anymore I suppose. Not since guys in skinny jeans and frosted tips became sexy. It’s unfortunate really.

But then comes November, the month where the manlier men decide to have a pissing contest with their facial hair. For a brief 30 days we women who are still into that sort of thing get to drool openly in public. We may try to keep it under wraps (our fathers and brothers look at us funny when we stop listening to them and stare at men walking down the street) but that’s not always an option.

On top of the facial hair wonderment going on, November starts to get cold. Out come the heavy duty boots, the plaid flannel shirts, the beanies. God I love beanies. What is not to love?!

I should stop writing, I’m getting way too gleeful. I’m raising my own expectations for the season, and as I live in a town where its rare to encounter a man with all his teeth, I really shouldn’t be getting excited. Unfortunately the manly men I know are all spoken for, ish. I guess it’s time to cast the nets a little further.

photo cred: Real Men Style
photo cred: Real Men Style


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