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Let’s get excited for a moment.

Anyone who has had more than, say, three life experiences knows that great surprises come in all shapes and sizes. This time my surprise came in the shape of a long lost friend offering me a great opportunity. My plans for moving to China in January to teach English have remained surprisingly cohesive for the past two months, and I didn’t foresee my plans changing in the slightest. If you know me at all, or have read anything on this blog, you’d know that was highly suspicious and that it was just a matter of time before something changed.

I’m getting a little excited here, folks. The job I was offered in Guangzhou is a good job with good people from what I can tell. I’d be living comfortably, being paid adequately, saving reasonably, and getting to truly experience China in my free time. I would still mostly be working with English speaking colleagues and I would be teaching for a company that provides teachers in multiple schools in each of several cities. It seemed to be just what I was looking for.

Then Stephen came along. He works in Beijing, as I said in my post last week. Stephen and I were friends for a long time, but we’ve hardly talked in the past couple of years, especially since graduating university and his move to China. He’s one of those people who means to stay in touch but just never does. Or he was one of those people. Now we’re in touch, and he’s got a job opportunity for me at his school.

This is the part where it gets interesting. The job description itself is fairly similar to the job in Guangzhou, except I’d be teaching fewer classes, and so have more free time. I would have my housing provided for me as part of my salary, as well as three free meals per day, since its a boarding school. Essentially my only expense will be my phone bill. On top of that I’ll be earning a greater salary than I would have been in Guangzhou. This means more savings. (If you’ve ever put yourself through university on your own and still have incredible amounts of student loans, you understand that this is HUGE.)

Of course, it’s not all about money. I will have more exploring time to myself and a much more flexible personal schedule. It’s also huge for me because I will have a person I already know and who knows the Chinese culture there to make my transition easier. I’m not saying it’ll be a walk in the park, but it’ll be a lot easier than moving to a foreign country and still being a 25 hour car ride from my nearest friend.

PLUS I’ll be very close to the Great Wall, which I have every intention of walking while I’m in China. Basically the reason the money part is great is because it facilitates more travel and adventure and astoundingly unprecedented experiences for me!

We also thought I’d have to leave in the next two or three weeks, but it turns out it will be a month at the least and closer to a month and a half if we’re being honest with ourselves. So my panic about not having adequate time to say my goodbyes and mentally prepare myself is no longer founded.

I’m getting excited. Really excited. Stephen gave the school board my letter of recommendation, which they really liked, and I’ll be sending my resume/CV along with a couple extra references, and then I’ll be having a Skype interview shortly after. It’s just like a regular job and a regular interview process. But Stephen says my reference letter has already spoken for itself, and as the school is desperate to hire someone, I’m not too worried about getting the job. I just have to work for it.

So, here we go! Down the rabbit hole on our next adventure! Let’s see where this takes us!









(and hey, if it doesn’t work out, there’s still Guangzhou in January!)



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