I’m thinking about trying out this NaBloPoMo thingamabob. Can I write a post a day for all of November? More than anything, I don’t want my posts to ever be meaningless. I want to write about what truly matters to me, or what’s going on that I really find funny or meaningful. Do I have … More NaBloPoMo?

Teething Menace

I sometimes joke with my sister that being around her kid has convinced me to have none of my own. About 50% of the time that joke is a joke, and the rest of the time it’s not. My nephew is the cutest kid. He’s a little sweetheart with a contagious laugh and a set … More Teething Menace


I tend to stop blogging when the actual interesting things in my life happen. This week I’m not writing because two of my best friends in the whole world are visiting me and I want to spendĀ all the time with them. But for a moment I’m making an exception. As I write, my sister is … More Surgery?!


Just last week I woke up and discovered quite to my dismay that I’m an adult. Another discovery came swiftly on the tail of the first: I’m bad at adulting. I barely even noticed the difference when it happened. One day I was in university trying to overcome my natural tendency toward procrastination, and the … More Adulting


I’ve always been one of those people who frequently doesn’t know what to say in many situations. Silence is my default anyway, as I’d prefer to listen. But there are those times when someone has said something to you that you simply have no response for. I’m not speechless because ‘if you don’t have something … More Speechless

Surprise Surprise?

Have you ever been going about your day, minding your own business, when suddenly life smacks you in the face, out of the blue, all the way from left field? You’ll have to pardon my mixed metaphors, I’m still in a bit of a fluster here. I’d been at the gym working out for about … More Surprise Surprise?