creative writing

Within and Without

So I wrote this short bit of prose… That was about three years ago.

there’s a little girl within me
telling me to slow it down
she calls me to go on walks
farther than I currently go
she makes me giggle when I shouldn’t
cause mischief when I can
she introduces me to folks of
a similar persuasion
she sends me on uncharted waters
to explore, to find my home.

there’s a grown up on the outside
she rushes through her day
she turns my feet to swift return
when I’ve gone ‘far enough’
she halts my laughter and my mischief
she takes away my fun
she shies from those who could be friends
she just won’t let them near
she ties my rope to shore
she tells me I have no home.

but I can shed the outer shell
I can find that sweet, sweet center
I can pave my paths with adventure
Greet folk the way I’d like to do
With laughter. It’s my freedom –
I’ve come to claim today.


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