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Distraction: the Links Episode

I am very annoyed right now. It’s 11:30pm and I desperately want to be asleep, but when I’m annoyed or anxious, I literally lose sleep over it. What I’m annoyed by right now seems to be a recurring problem in my life – one which I don’t know how to solve. I’m beyond sick of that horrible feeling when you know you’re being guilt tripped. You know the one? Sometimes it’s justifiable to feel guilty for things, but sometimes it’s not. Like when you offer someone something and they say ‘no thank you’ and then proceed to make you feel guilty for not giving it to them… even though you offered.

Sheesh. It’s ridiculous. But ENOUGH! I don’t even want to talk about this. Or write about this. Ugh. I need to sleep. Desperately. (I’m suffering a resurgence of the insomnia lately.) So in order to switch things up and think about something unrelated, this post is just going to be a coupleĀ of random interesting links. Well, I think they’re interesting. Maybe you will too. (Okay, maybe they’re just useless things you have no interest in…)

  1. Fifteen Weird things to do on the internet: Pretty self explanatory I think.
  2. Stats: internet stats in real time. This one is actually interesting.
  3. If: One of my favorite poems of all time.
  4. Underrated: A list of lesser known national parks which are pretty much all on the Bucket List.
  5. Very: Stop saying ‘very’ – there are better ways to express yourself.

Okay, enough for now. We should do this again though. I like the idea of sharing random little internet gems from time to time. (Almost as much as I like discovering them for myself. I’m weird that way.)

Let’s hope that now I can sleep. Goodnight internet.


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