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Do you know what’s funny about building walls?
You can only build them as far as your arms can reach in any direction.
This cages you in, it puts you in a very small box
And that box becomes your world.
When I encounter a box, it usually means little to me.
I step over it or around it or put it on a shelf
And it does not move from there
Because it is a box.
Sometimes I open it
(Because even a well sealed box
Is easier to open from the outside
Than the inside).
What I’m trying to show you
Is that the world will step over your box
Or open and destroy it
But it will not bring your box along for the ride.
Your box does not keep others out
It keeps your world small
It keeps you in, going nowhere.
So next time you feel constrained
Beaten down by your place in this world
Don’t build up walls
To make a small box
That will limit your world forever.
Take a stand
Cast a shadow so they quake in their boots
If you must build a box
Don’t let it be for you
Let it be for the pains of the past
Then leave that box on a shelf
And live a life that’s bigger than ever.


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