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Many obsessions are bad I’m sure, but my newest obsession surely isn’t. I mean, it can’t be! I’ve had plenty of obsessions in the past (coffee, Orson Scott Card, Star Trek, traveling, …) but none so pervasive perhaps as this.

If you were to take even a glance at my Instagram or Facebook or even Twitter you’d maybe want to shoot me, or at the very least, never return.

There’re baby pictures everywhere. I’m obsessed with my nephew. I don’t even like babies, particularly! But this little guy is just so perfect! I don’t know what it is but regardless how unbiased I try to be, I still just think he’s the cutest and the best and the most handsome of all. I love to hold him and play with him and feed him and put him to sleep and soothe his crying and my goodness. I’m obsessed.

Not that you need proof, but hey, here’s proof:



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2 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. The best thing about being an aunt (or an uncle) is you can give the baby back to mum and dad! Babies are wonderful even if they do puke, pee and crap all over you. My advise to some of the guys I work with who have become fathers recently is buy lots of new clothes. For yourself. It’s a given that as you give your baby child a hug before leaving for work they WILL puke on you. Liam is a very lucky boy to have such an enthusiastic aunt.

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    1. So true! I’ve been learning the extra clothes lesson the hard way, but then his little smile just makes it okay.
      Indeed Liam is a lucky boy and my sis and her hubby are lucky to have a free babysitter! But I’m also lucky cause I get all the joys without, ya know, having a kid of my own 😛


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