the story so far


Two days ago Jim left us. Jim was the father of my high school best friend. He was a really smart and loving guy. Allison and I learned lots from him, even if we didn’t know it at the time. I can’t believe he’s gone.

When my life turned up side down and my mom lost it and I got kicked out of my home half way through high school, it was Allison’s family who let me live with them for months and looked after me as if I were one of their own. It was they who pushed me to mend fences with my family and pull my life back together. They were family to me when mine wasn’t – I was never able to thank them enough for that, and I doubt I ever will.

After I went to college and moved across the country we mostly lost touch. Allison and I talk from time to time, usually updating each other on which country we’re hoping to visit next. On mother’s day I send her mom well wishes and the same to her dad on father’s day. I think about them a lot but don’t get in touch as much as I should. I knew Jim wasn’t doing well but I didn’t think it was anything near this. I think Allison was out of the country when her dad died, but hopefully her sister Emily was there. I wouldn’t have known about it at all except through facebook posts by some other relation.

There’s an obituary, every bit of which I’m sure is true, but there’s so much more to be said for this guy – only I couldn’t do it. My mind is just stunned and my heart hurts a little – even more when I think what his wife and daughters must be going through. I don’t know how to reach out to them properly, but I sent a message anyway. I won’t be able to get back to Michigan for the services.

I just hope they’re okay.

Rest in peace, Jim.

Jim and Allison a few years back.
Jim and Allison a few years back.

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